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Les Balcons de la Neste
Residence in Arreau
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The Esparos chasm

Welcome to the Gouffre d'Esparros
The Gouffre d'ESPARROS, in the heart of the preserved valley of the Baronnies in the Pyrenees, is one of the most beautiful chasms to visit.
Visiting it is a privilege that is offered to you.
Delicate aragonites, real «stone flowers», gypsum or calcite crystals, eccentric concretions defying weightlessness, vast rooms decorated with draperies and long stalactites bathing in pools of calm and bluish water… make up a real underground garden that can be discovered, alone or in small groups, during a visit in sound and lights accompanied by a guide.
The Gouffre d'ESPARROS is a classified site, it counts among the most exceptional national underground heritage.
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Masque étoiles
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